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Mission Statement

We at Pasefika Presence Magazine believe that the Pacific is home to some of the most powerful, compelling storytellers in the world. However, there are not always many accessible avenues or platforms for us to share those stories.

Therefore, our mission is to provide a space for voices of the Pacific to share their stories through the publication of their writing and art. We aim to help preserve our stories through this publication and provide Pasefika people, especially youth, with a magazine that they can actually see themselves in.


We at Pasefika Presence believe our stories can move mountains. We believe our stories can shift power structures. We believe our stories can save lives. And that's why we feel it's our duty to share them.

Where It All Began

"Pasefika Presence" first started out in 2019 as a bi-monthly column in the Harvard Crimson by Samoan writer and alumna Gabby Langkilde, with the mission of providing a Pacific-centered perspective to Harvard's campus.


Now that Pasefika Presence has become its own independent publication, we hope to hear from you and help share your stories.

One of Gabby Langkilde's "Pasefika Presence" column pieces entitled "A Love Letter to My Pasefika Sisters"

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